Sage Intacct sync error: Chart of Accounts aren't syncing to

Why the sync error occurs

This error occurs when the Chart of Accounts isn't syncing from Sage Intacct to Cashflow360℠.

How to fix the sync error

There are several options to resolve the issue of the Chart of Accounts not syncing from Sage Intacct. Select Confirm that the correct Company ID is entered in Cashflow360:

  1. In Sage Intacct, confirm your Company ID in Sage Intacct:
    • Hover over Company and then select Company Info
    • The Company ID will be found in the ID field
  2. In Cashflow360, select Settings
  3. Select Status under Sync
  4. Select Login Info
  5. Review the entered Company ID
    • Correct if necessary

If there's a Multi-Entity setup, the fix may depend on where the Chart of Accounts are maintained/owned. Chart of Accounts maintained at the Root Level:

  • The sync user needs to be set up at the Root Level
  • If the sync user is at the Entity Level, remove the user and create it at the Root Level Chart of Accounts maintained at the Entity Level:
  • Verify the Entity ID in the Cashflow360 Login Info page. To find the Entity ID in Sage Intacct:
    1. Go to Companies > Entities
    2. Locate the Entity ID column
    3. Find the Entity ID for the entity that Cashflow360 will be syncing with.
  • The sync user may be set up at the Root Level even if you choose to sync to the Root or the Entity level
  • Make sure the sync user in Sage Intacct has all the correct permissions.

Once you have completed the above steps, run another sync.