Merge bank GL accounts with Intacct

When you merge bank type GL accounts in Cashflow360℠, there are some things to know if you sync with Sage Intacct.

As a best practice, we don't recommend merging bank type accounts at all if you sync with Sage Intacct, as the merge can lead to data corruption, and potentially void and reissue payments coded to the original GL account in Sage Intacct. This can result in duplicate data, sync errors, and time-consuming clean up.

If you do try to merge a bank type account, we'll let you know it isn't recommended, warn you about these potential issues, and ask you to confirm your decision to merge.

merge bank intacct warning banner

If you want to continue with the merge, select Yes, I understand the risk and I wish to proceed and continue with the merge.

If you would like some guidance or assistance with the merge or the cleanup if you have already merged, please contact Customer Support by selecting Contact us at the top of this page.