Oracle NetSuite Sync Error: USER_ERROR: The transaction date you specified is not within the date range of your accounting period.

Why the Sync Error occurs

In NetSuite, there's a preference called Allow Transaction Date Outside Posting Period that determines how the system handles transactions with date and period discrepancies. This error occurs if the preference is set to Disallow and the transaction is dated outside the current posting period (ex: Date = 5/31/2022, Period = June 2022). NetSuite won't allow you to save the transaction.

How to Fix the Sync Error

There are two potential solutions for this sync error:

Edit the preference in NetSuite to allow a transaction date outside of the posting period:

  1. In NetSuite, go to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences
  2. From the General tab, select Allow from the Allow Transaction Date Outside Posting Period drop down menu
  3. Save

Edit the transaction to be within the current posting period:

  1. In Cashflow360, open the transaction receiving the sync error
  2. Select Edit
  3. Select an invoice date within the current posting period
  4. Save