How to check the sync status of transactions and contacts

If you sync with eligible accounting software, you can check the sync status of a transaction or contact, even if there isn't currently a sync conflict on your sync status.

Things to know:

  • Your user role must be Administrator to check sync status this way, and take any manual sync actions.
  • Your Cashflow360 account must sync with the following accounting software versions to check the sync status this way:
    • QuickBooks Online
    • Xero
    • Sage Intacct
  • You can check the sync status of the following:
    • Vendors
    • AP Bills
    • Payments out
    • Customers
    • AR Invoices
    • Payments in

Note: This feature is not yet available for accounts syncing with Oracle Netsuite.

Check the sync status of a transaction or contact

  1. Select the transaction or contact type in the navigation menu:
    • Vendors
    • Bills
    • Payments out
    • Customers
    • Invoices
    • Payments in
  2. Select the record you'd like to check
  3. Select More actions or the 3 dotsMore actions dots
  4. Select Check sync status
    • You'll see the current status of Synced or Not Synced at the top of the page, letting you know if the contact or transaction has successfully synced with your accounting software.

Check Sync Status page

On vendors and customers, you can also see whether they are synced or not synced from the icon in the More details section.

vendor synced icon

vendor not synced icon