QuickBooks Desktop sync error: The QuickBooks file is not available

Why the sync error occurs

This error occurs if you're trying to sync company A with company B open in QuickBooks.

Possible error codes



How to fix the sync error

In QuickBooks:

  1. Select Edit then select Preferences
  2. Select Integrated Applications
  3. Select Company Preferences
  4. Ensure the following are not checked:
    • Don't allow any applications to access this company file
    • Notify the user before running any application whose certificate has expired
  5. Select Ok

Once confirmed, proceed with the steps below that apply to your scenario:

  • File never synced before If this file has never been synced before, follow the steps to setup the first sync again. When the Application Certificate pops up, select Yes always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running

  • QuickBooks open but the file is not what was selected If your QuickBooks application is open but the opened file is not what you selected, please either close QuickBooks or close the current company file, and open the file they're trying to sync in QuickBooks.

  • Alternative solution Note: This method is not available for hosted desktops.

    Clear system background Processes related to QuickBooks:

    1. Close both the QuickBooks Program and the Sync Dashboard
    2. Open the Windows Task Manager (CTRL+Alt+Delete)
    3. End the process of any background application that contains QB, QBW, QBD, or Intuit in the name
    4. Close the task manager
    5. Reopen the Sync Dashboard and proceed with setting up the sync again, or run the sync if already connected