Export Profiles: Customizable export reports

If you use an accounting system that doesn't sync with Cashflow360℠, use the Import/Export function to transfer information from Cashflow360 to your accounting system and vice versa.

Your accounting system may require import files to have specific column headers and to have columns in a specific order. Create a Profile to match the requirements of your accounting system. Once created, each time you run an export, the CSV file will be titled and ordered in the format to match the requirements of your accounting system.

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Import/Export under Import/Export
  3. Select Export for the record to export
  4. Select Modify next to the Export Profile drop-down menu
  5. Edit the format of the headers by updating the names and the order of the columns using the sliders to the right of each header
  6. Enter the file name in the Save As field
    • Note: Using the name of an existing Export Profile will overwrite that Profile
  7. Select Default box to set the Profile as the default
  8. Select Continue

Things to know

  • The default Profile will be selected each time this Export is run until another default is chosen
  • To select another Export Profile, select the profile in the drop-down menu and then run the export