Import departments

The following is a list and explanation of each of the fields you can include when importing departments.

Important Note: If you sync with an accounting software, we highly suggest not manually importing departments via CSV into Cashflow360, unless they don't exist in your accounting software at all, to avoid duplicates and sync errors

If you sync with QuickBooks Desktop, you can't import departments/classes, as departments/classes sync from QuickBooks Desktop to Cashflow360 only.

Field Name Required? Maximum length Description Accepted Values Additional Information
Name* Yes 100 characters - Key field
- the name of this Department
N/A Requires an exact match with the desired Department's name (for updating)
Active? No N/A Denotes if this Department is active or inactive - Active
- Inactive
- Requires an exact match with one of the accepted values
- All records are set to Active when created; they cannot be created and set to inactive in the same import
Description No 4000 characters The description of this Department N/A N/A
Parent Name No 100 characters The name of this Department's parent N/A - Requires an exact match with the desired Department's name
- The desired Department must be active in Cashflow360 or created during the same import