Payables payment timing

Paying a bill

  • Enter details on the bill and schedule a payment (Schedule a payment by 4:00 pm Pacific Time / 7:00 pm Eastern Time, and we'll start working on it on the same business day)
  • We show an expected arrival date for each payment on the pay screen
  • Allow up to 4 business days for the ePayment, and up to 10 business days for check payment to be delivered to the vendor
    • Business days are Monday through Friday (excluding bank holidays)
  • The Pay screen will always show an Arrives by date for ePayments, and Est. arrival date for checks
  • Check arrival dates are always shown as estimates based USPS delivery times, and are out of Cashflow360's control.



CF360 payment timing - epayment Checks

CF360 payment timing - Check

Virtual Card

CF360 payment timing - Virtual Card

Things to know

Weekends and holidays don't count in the banking world; if the process date selected is a bank holiday or weekend day, the system will automatically push the process date to the next available business day.

  • Example: If attempting to schedule a payment on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday), the system will automatically make the process day Friday, which isn't a bank holiday
  • If a weekend or bank holiday falls within the regular processing time for a payment, the payment will be delayed, since banks don't operate on those days. That delay will be reflected in the "Arrives By" Date.