Verified national vendor ePayment setup

Verified national vendors can include water, power, cable, phone, electric, and other well-known companies. These businesses are often part of a verified national vendor directory. Matching to a vendor in this directory connects you immediately, allowing you to pay electronically.

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Connect to a verified national vendor

  1. Create a new vendor, entering the vendor name exactly as it appears on the invoice or statement
  2. Choose the matching vendor from the Vendor List
    • Vendors that are part of the verified national vendor network will have a Verified Vendor badge and show a Connect Instantly message
  3. Select the billing address that matches your statements from the vendor
    • If the vendor has multiple billing addresses, select the one that matches your statements, or if prompted, enter the billing ZIP code to narrow the selection down
    • If none of the addresses match the one on your statements, select Add address and manually enter the billing address as it appears on your statements from this vendor

  1. Enter your account number with the vendor as it appears on the statements, without spaces or dashes, and select Next
    • If the account number you enter doesn't match the criteria for the vendor, you can either edit and correct it, or select Yes, it's correct to keep the number as is

If the ZIP code and account number you selected match the ones provided by the vendor, you can schedule ePayments to your new vendor immediately.

If the ZIP code or account number don't match, the vendor will still be saved, but their payment method will be paper checks to make sure we don't send ePayments to the wrong account.

Why is an account number required?

The vendor needs your account number to apply the payment to the correct account.

Why is the vendor's ZIP code required?

This helps connect to the correct account, as some are separated based on region of service.

What is the account number format?

When you select a vendor to connect with, the requirements for account number length are shown on the Enter your account number step. Enter the account number exactly as shown on the bill, without dashes and spaces. If you have more than 1 account number for the same vendor, add each account number as a separate vendor.

Why is my account number not accepted?

Some account numbers may not be supported by the vendor. Contact the vendor to ask about getting a different account number that's supported within the verified national vendor directory.