Vendor not connected for ePayment

When you add a vendor to Cashflow360℠, you can immediately schedule a check payment, if you have a verified bank account.

Check is the default payment method until you either manually add the vendor's bank account to send ePayments, or you invite them to setup their own account to accept ePayments.

Vendor was invited

When you send an invitation to a vendor, the vendor's payment method will still be check until:

  • The vendor accepts the invitation
  • The vendor adds a verified bank account, after accepting the invitation

If you send an invite, then decide to add the vendor's bank account manually, you'll need to cancel the invitation before adding the bank account.

Vendor bank account manually entered

If you manually enter a bank account for a vendor, you can schedule an ePayment for them with a Process Date 2 bank business days in the future.

  • Tip: If you need to send a payment immediately, schedule a check payment before entering the vendor's bank account.