Processing Items from Inbox

There are multiple options when processing a document from the Cashflow360 Inbox.

Create a new

  • Bill
  • Vendor credit
  • Enter a document for your company, account, customer, invoice, payment received, or vendor

Add to an existing

  • Bill
  • Vendor credit
  • Document

Document order and splitting

  1. Select the document you'd like to use in your Inbox
    • If this a multi-page document and you have not set a default preference, you will see a popup to set your preference to attach all pages by default, or just the first page. You can set your selection to be the default, and this can be changed later.
    • You select which pages to include by selecting All or None next to associate to bill to include all/none, or check the box per page to select individual pages
    • Check Associate to bill for each page you'd like to include
    • Any pages not included will be available to use later
  2. Select the action you'd like to take:
    • Select Enter Bill to create a new bill
    • Select More Actions to select Add to Existing bill, New document, etc.
  3. Complete bill details (or document, etc)
    • If you are creating a bill, you can select undock to open the document in a new window and make bills with multiple line items easier to enter
  4. Select Save, or Save and next if creating a bill
    • Select save and next to save a bill, and the next unassociated page will open in the bill creation window
    • If all pages have been associated, the next unprocesed document in your inbox will open

Once you have saved a bill, you can edit that bill and Reorder the pages within the attachment if needed:

  • Use arrows to move selected pages up or down
  • Drag to re-order the pages
  • Enter a page # to move the selected page to the right order
  • Select Apply to see the re-order reflected immediately.

Delete documents

When you delete documents from the inbox, we will ask you to confirm you'd like to delete the item, but you can select not to have to see that confirmation each time if you'd like.

Delete Inbox items

Select one or multiple items to delete all at once by selecting the trash can icon or Delete if on the Grid view.

Delete a page from a multi-page document

Enter the page number or navigate to the page with the arrows and select the trash can icon to delete the page.

Delete an attachment

If you want to delete an attachment from an email in your inbox, select the attachment thumbnail and then the trash can icon on the attachment.