Get Started checklist

Cashflow360℠ displays steps to complete the account setup on the Overview page. These steps are also available in a checklist format.

Account Setup Checklist

  1. Log in to Cashflow360
  2. Select settings
  3. Select what you're ready to do to see your setup steps as a checklist

The Startup Checklist displays what has been completed and what still needs to be completed to set up the account. Select each item to complete the tasks:

Roles and Permissions

Employees, co-workers, and accountants

  • Add Collaborators to the Cashflow360 account
    • To add additional Admins or Payers, add them in Online Banking
  • Assign a Role based on what each User will be doing in the account

Bills And Documents


  • Set up the Cashflow360 Inbox email address
  • Once activated, bills and other documents can be sent to the Cashflow360 Inbox directly


Bank Account

  • Set up the bank account to make and/or receive payments through Cashflow360


  • Set up a Bill/Credit Approval Workflow



  • Upload a company logo to be displayed in emails to your vendors and customers, invoices to customers, and in the Portal where customers make payments

Branded website address

  • Customize the URL that customers will use to access the Customer Portal

How you want to get paid

  • Setup a bank account to receive payments electronically

1st Sync

Sync Setup

  • The steps will guide you through the Sync Setup to bring data for Payables and/or Receivables from the accounting software into the Cashflow360 account

If you do not see the described feature available in Cashflow360, you may not have access to the feature based on permissions for your role and/or your plan does not have this feature. If you wish to get access to the feature, please review the available plans for Cashflow360 and upgrade accordingly or contact the Administrator of your Cashflow360 account. Changes in monthly user fees may apply.