Anti-virus Protection

Cashflow360℠ has active anti-virus protection. We are working to protect you and your customers!

Scanning for Viruses

When you upload files to Cashflow360, we scan them for viruses. If we determine one of your files has a virus, we will quarantine the document.

  • To help keep your computer from being infected with a virus, you won't be able to download files or documents that our system determines are virus-infected and have been sent to Cashflow360
  • If the file or document doesn't have a virus detected and the option to download is available, but you still receive an error, you'll want to check your computer and/or browser settings
  • If our anti-virus protection system determines that a virus-infected file is shared with one of your customers, they won't be able to download the file
  • We don't allow virus-infected files that our anti-virus system has identified to be sent to your customers when you send an invoice via email

Files sent by a vendor

  • Contact your vendor and ask them to send the file again

Files sent/uploaded by you

  1. Make sure the anti-virus software on your computer is up-to-date
  2. If possible, run the document through a virus scanner
  3. Once the file has been scanned and corrected, send or upload it again to Cashflow360