QuickBooks Online sync error: Another customer, vendor, employee, or donor is already using this name in QuickBooks Online. Please use a different name or ensure that there are no duplicates in BILL

Why the sync error occurs

This error occurs when a contact (customer, vendor, or employee) is trying to sync to Quickbooks Online from Cashflow360℠, but a contact of the same name already exists in Quickbooks Online. All contacts must have unique names in Quickbooks Online, regardless of contact type.

How to fix the sync error

Edit the name of the customer, vendor, or employee in Cashflow360 so it is different than the existing contacts in Quickbooks Online, and sync again.

Note: We pay vendors using the Pay To field, so you can edit the vendor name field and it won't impact the payments.

If you have duplicate records that you need to merge, please contact Customer Support. We can help you merge the duplicates properly, and avoid additional sync errors.