QuickBooks Online sync error: Business Validation Error: You cannot delete an account that is associated with a Form 1099 box.

Why the sync error occurs

This error occurs when a deleted account is trying to sync to QuickBooks Online from Cashflow360℠, and the account is associated with a Form 1099 box in QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online doesn't allow accounts to be deleted if they're associated with a Form 1099 box.

How to fix the sync error

In QuickBooks Online, the account will need to be removed from the Form 1099 box:

  1. Navigate to the Vendors tab
  2. Select Prepare 1099s in the upper right
  3. Select Continue your 1099s
  4. Navigate to the Accounts page
  5. Locate the account with the sync error
  6. Update the account to a different account or deselect the checkbox(es) that are required for tracking
  7. Select Save and Finish Later to close the window