QuickBooks Desktop sync error: There has been an internal error when processing the request

Why the sync error occurs

This error occurs for various reasons and is related to updates made to vendors or accounts.

How to fix the sync error

Vendor integrated bill pay or payroll service

QuickBooks does not allow another application to update the "locked" vendor record. Manually make updates to the vendor in QuickBooks.

Contact Customer Support to clear the sync error.

Payment was recorded manually

Delete the manually recorded payment from QuickBooks, which will allow the payment record from Cashflow360℠ to sync to QuickBooks in a subsequent sync. If the payment can't be deleted from QuickBooks manually, contact Customer Support to request that the payment be marked not to sync.

Bill no longer exists in QuickBooks

Contact Customer Support to request the record updated in Cashflow360 be marked not to sync. After the record is marked not to sync, record a manual update in QuickBooks.