Associate a document with an existing bill

Cashflow360℠ gives you the option to associate a document from the Cashflow360 inbox to an existing bill, even if the bill is in a closed period.

From the Inbox

  1. Select Inbox in the navigation menu
  2. Locate the document
  3. Select More actions
  4. Under Add To Existing, select Bill
  5. Select the Vendor
  6. Select Search
  7. Select the bill to associate the document with
  8. Select Save

From an existing bill without an attachment

  1. Select Edit on the bill
  2. Browse or Drag & Drop the document into the document window
  3. Select Save

To associate additional documents to a bill that already has a document associated, follow the instructions in the From the Inbox section of this article.


You can't associate an eBill with an existing bill. If you receive an eBill that's a duplicate of an existing bill, the best practice is to delete the existing bill and accept the eBill so any updates from your vendor will sync to the eBill.

You can also delete the eBill by selecting the check box on the eBill and then Delete.

Things to know

  • You can attach as many files or pages to one bill as you'd like
  • Each separate file must be 25MB or less in size to upload and attach
  • For files with more than 250 pages, preview will only be available on the first 250 pages. Download the document to view the remaining pages.