Charge a customer

In Cashflow360, you can manually charge a customer for an invoice payment if they have a bank account on file.

Charge a customer

  1. Select Actions in the navigation menu
  2. Select Charge a customer
  3. From the drop-down menu, select the customer to be charged
  4. Select Charge Customer
    Select customer and charge
  5. Enter information such as:
    • Memo - Enter notes, if necessary
    • Check the "Email Receipt to Customer" box, if an emailed receipt needs to be supplied
  6. Select the invoice(s) this payment should be applied to and enter the amount to be applied (to each invoice if more than one)
    Select invoice and enter amount
    • The full amount of the invoice is displayed by default, decrease the amount to charge a partial payment
  7. Select Pay From account
  8. Choose account to withdraw the payment from
  9. Select Pay On date - the date the payment is to be debited from the customer's bank account
  10. Select Submit
    Submit charge

  1. Select Done

Things to know

  • Once the payment is created, the Payments In screen will display a Payment date which is the projected deposit date
  • Any updates regarding the status of the payment will trigger an email notification
  • These steps are designed for when there is already a valid means of payment in the customer profile
  • Users must have manage invoices permissions to charge a customer

If you do not see the described feature available in Cashflow360, you may not have access to the feature based on permissions for your role and/or your plan does not have this feature. If you wish to get access to the feature, please review the available plans for Cashflow360 and upgrade accordingly or contact the Administrator of your Cashflow360 account. Changes in monthly user fees may apply.