Cancel a scheduled outgoing payment

Once an outgoing payment has been scheduled, it can be canceled up until the process date, the date the payment is sent. After the process date, the payment can only be voided.

Cancel payments from the Payments Out list

  1. Select Payments Out in the navigation menu
  2. Select Cancel payment on the line item of the payment, under Actions
  3. Select Yes to confirm

Cancel a payment from the payment confirmation screen

  1. From the Payments Out card on the Overview page, Select the confirmation number
    Payment confirmation screen
  2. Select Cancel payment
  3. Select Yes to confirm
    Confirm cancel

Things to know

  • The cancellation cutoff for scheduled payments is 3:00 am Pacific Time / 6:00 am Eastern Time the morning of the process date
  • Once a payment has passed the cancellation cutoff, it can only be voided
  • When you cancel a payment, the bill will return to unpaid status, which you can then pay as usual