Locked vendor information

When you connect to a vendor through the Network, the vendor controls and maintains their address information in their own account. Once a vendor enters their address info in their account, that updates your vendor record, and locks the address fields.

Updating a locked vendor's information

We highly suggest contacting your vendor so they can update their account with correct address info to be sure payments are going to the right place. If your vendor is unable to update their address, you can unlock the fields and update on your side.

  1. Select the link icon next to Vendor Address
  2. Select Allow editing

  3. Select Yes, allow editing to unlock the address fields, or select Cancel to keep them locked
    • Check Don't ask me again to skip this confirmation in the future
  4. Edit the address
  5. Select Save
    If your vendor updates their address again after your changes, we'll update your vendor record with their changes to save you time. A banner on the vendor record will let you know if this happens, and you can still edit at any time as needed, following the steps above.