Applying payments to the correct account using pay to and account number

Using the correct account number

The remittance info on a check payment includes the account number for the vendor. We take this from the account number field on the vendor's profile, so be sure to use the correct account number when you set up a vendor, if your vendor needs this to apply your payment correctly.

Multiple accounts with the same vendor

If you have multiple accounts with the same vendor, a best practice is to create and use a separate vendor profile for each account. You can include the last four (4) digits of the account number in the vendor name for easy matching.

Pay to

We send payments using the Pay To field from the vendor profile, so using numbers in the vendor name won't affect payments as long as you have the correct pay to name entered.


You have 2 accounts with a vendor for the same remit to address, account #123456789 and account #987654321. Create two (2) vendors and name one Vendor 6789, and the other Vendor 4321. Then make sure the Pay To field is the vendor's name for each, so payments are sent to the right company name, but the vendor names will be unique for each account number and easily identifiable.