eInvoice and eCredit Memo Status Updates

You can see the status of the eInvoices and eCredit Memos sent to the Customers you're connected to; this gives near-instant visibility into the status of an invoice, without having to make a phone call or send an email, saving time and hassle.


eInvoice Statuses:

  • Invoice Sent
  • Invoice Accepted
  • Invoice Approved
  • Invoice Denied
  • Payment Processed
  • Payment Voided

Additional eInvoice statuses for Customer Portal users only:

  • Payment Scheduled
  • Payment Cancelled
  • Invoice Viewed

eCredit Memo Statuses:

  • Credit Memo Sent
  • Credit Memo Accepted
  • Credit Memo Approved
  • Credit Memo Denied

Where to see status of invoices or credit memos

At the top of the eInvoice or eCredit Memo there will be a tracker that shows the status.