Payment Dual Control

Chase Payment Dual Control requires one online banking user to create transactions and a different online banking user to approve all transactions.

  • When Dual Control is on in Chase Online Banking settings, it applies to all services under the Security Admin profile
  • To use Dual Control, there must be at least two Online Banking Users with access to Cashflow360. Dual Control will not be enabled if only one user has access to Cashflow360.
  • The payment creator cannot be the payment approver
  • Collaborators cannot be payment approvers, they approve bills only
  • Turning off Dual Controls requires the Security Admin to contact Chase Support
  • Turning on/off Dual Control will not apply retroactively
    • Payments created while Dual Control is on will still require approval even if Dual Control is turned off
  • Dual Control settings are within Chase online banking only, this setting is not editable in Cashflow360

Entitling payment approvers

To entitle sub-users to approve payments, the setting Approve Transactions needs to be enabled per sub-user & per bank account.

  • This setting is not editable in Cashflow360. Log into your Chase Online Banking account to access the settings.
  • For the sub-user to approve transactions on Cashflow360, they must be granted access to Cashflow360 and enabled as an Approver within Chase Online Banking.