Discounted payment terms

Cashflow360℠ doesn't currently support discounted payment terms. However, there are a couple of best practices in the Cashflow360 workflow which will allow you to utilize vendor discounts in the system.

Best Practices based on Workflow

If you enter bills and then pay them

  • When entering a bill, record the bill amount as the net amount after the discount
  • Recognize the discount by entering a negative value line item on the bill

If you enter the bill, and someone else pays it later

  • When you enter the bill, add a note alerting the payer about the discount terms
  • At the time of paying, users with Manage Bills permissions can edit the bill as applicable to enter a negative line item

If you need to track discount amounts in a separate GL account

  1. Edit the total amount of the bill
  2. Add a line item posting to the appropriate account, entering the discount as a negative amount