Oracle NetSuite: Items

From Oracle NetSuite to Cashflow360

  • Discount items:
    • Discount items at the header level of an invoice in Oracle NetSuite will not sync to Cashflow360
    • Discount Items at the line item level will sync into Cashflow360 as a line item from Oracle NetSuite. It will not be editable in Cashflow360.
      • Discount line items will only apply to the line item directly above it
      • Discounts in Oracle NetSuite can be a percentage, but only the amount of that discount line item will sync to Cashflow360. The percentage will not show in Cashflow360.
      • If you create an invoice in Cashflow360 and select a discount line item, when it syncs to NetSuite the discount will be applied to the entire amount of the invoice, i.e. at the header level.
    • Best Practice:
      • If you would like the discount applied at the header level, create the invoice in Cashflow360
      • If you would like the discount applied at the line item level, create the invoice in Oracle NetSuite
  • Shipping items on invoices:
    • Shipping items used on an invoice in Oracle NetSuite will sync is as line items on the invoice in Cashflow360, which will add the associated amount to the invoice total
    • Best practice is to manage shipping items on invoices in Oracle Netsuite, because selecting shipping items when creating an invoice in Cashflow360 will not sync back to Oracle NetSuite, to the proper shipping table
  • Sales Tax Items:
    • Sales Tax Items and Shipping Items are 1-way to (if AR sync is enabled)

From Cashflow360 to Oracle NetSuite

  • Items created in Cashflow360 will sync to Oracle NetSuite with the subtype: For Resale.
  • If an item needs to have a different subtype, it must be created in Oracle NetSuite.