Oracle NetSuite: How vendors sync

If you sync with Oracle NetSuite, here are some tips and notes on how vendors sync.

From Oracle NetSuite to Cashflow360

  • Cashflow360 supports vendors shared across subsidiaries (with bundle 3.2.0 or later). If a single vendor spans across multiple subsidiaries, that vendor record will sync over to each Cashflow360 account linked to a subsidiary the vendor is shared with
  • Vendors shared across subsidiaries need to be updated in Oracle Netsuite
  • Enabling access for a vendor will cause sync errors when that vendor is updated in Cashflow360
  • Vendors with access enabled need to be managed in Oracle NetSuite
  • Vendor ID cannot be longer than 20 characters. Any extra characters will be ignored when a vendor syncs from Oracle NetSuite to Cashflow360
  • To update the name of a vendor and have it sync to Cashflow360, update the field " vendor name" in Netsuite.

From Cashflow360 to Oracle NetSuite

  • For vendors of type: Company, Company Name is required to sync to Oracle NetSuite
  • For vendors of type: Individual, First Name and Last Name are required to sync to Oracle NetSuite