Oracle NetSuite: Migration Tips

Changing to a new Accounting Software can be a time consuming process but here are some things to keep in mind when moving to Oracle NetSuite with your Cashflow360 account.

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Vendors and Customers

With the Cashflow360 Sync the vendor ID’s in Oracle NetSuite map to the Vendor names in Cashflow360. To make sure the vendor list appears correctly in Cashflow360 we advise on setting up Oracle NetSuite so that the vendor ID and vendor name are the same.

Chart of Accounts and Dimensions

The Chart of Accounts and Dimensions (classes, departments, and locations)in Cashflow360 will be deactivated and the Chart of Accounts and Dimensions (classes, departments, and locations) from Netsuite will sync to Cashflow360.

Historical transactions

Historical transactions are paid transactions that have already synced to the old accounting software. We'll mark historical transactions in Cashflow360 not to sync.

Unpaid Bills

Unpaid bills in Cashflow360 will be marked to sync with Netsuite during the migration.

  • Any unpaid Bills that exist in Cashflow360 at the time of the migration will need to be re-coded to use the new chart of accounts dimensions that sync in from Netsuite

Migration consultation

All of these topics and any other questions will be discussed during the migration call that you set up through our Support team. Contact Support by logging into your Cashflow360 account and selecting Support in the navigation menu.