Canceling a Cashflow360 account

To cancel a Cashflow360 account, the Security Admin will need to cancel from within Chase Online Banking.

Check for payments in process

Accounts without payments in flight will be inactivated immediately.

If there are payments in flight, steps will be provided on how to proceed:

  • Scheduled payments
    • Cancel scheduled payments or
    • Wait for payment to process and clear
  • Uncashed Checks
    • Void any checks that have not cleared yet or
    • Wait for the check payment to clear
  • Pending Void and remit credits
    • Wait for void credits to clear
  • Failed Void and remit credits
    • Contact Customer support to have the credit redirected to a different bank account

Once the appropriate steps are followed and there are no longer in flight payments, request a cancellation again.


  1. Log in to Chase online banking
  2. Select Account Management
  3. Select Profile & Settings
  4. Select Chase Cashflow360
  5. Select Unenroll

Unenroll Cashflow360

Once the account is inactivated, the Security Admin will receive an automated cancel confirmation email.