Add Online Banking users

A Chase Online Banking (OLB) System Administrator can entitle additional online banking users to Cashflow360 by completing the below steps:

  1. Log in to Chase online banking
  2. Select the Account management tab
  3. Select Access & Security Manager
    Access & Security Manager
  4. Select Edit/assign access to the right of the user that will be entitled to Cashflow360
  5. In the Company access section, check the Cashflow360 box
    • If the user does not already have access to the bank account, you may first need to select Assign Access to the right of the bank account and grant them access. Once done, you can proceed with granting them access to Cashflow360 as well.
      Grant access
  6. Select Save

The user will now be entitled to Cashflow360 and can log in via Chase online banking and pay unassigned bills as long as they don't violate approval policies.