Sync Matrix for QuickBooks Online

Chart of Accounts/Sub-accounts 2-way
Departments NA
Locations 2-way
Classes 2-way
Employees NA
Project/Jobs 1-way to Cashflow360℠ (Syncs into Cashflow360 as a Customer record and will be linked as a subcustomer to the parent customer)
Bank Account Balance 1-way to Cashflow360

Vendors 2-way
Unpaid Bills 2-way*
Partially or Fully Paid Bills 2-way (If 2-way AP payment sync is enabled in the sync preferences)
AP Bill Payments For accounts created before 09/15/17, 1-way from Cashflow360 by default, with option to sync 2-way in sync preferences

For direct accounts created after 09/15/17, 2-way by default
Check numbers 1-way from Cashflow360 to the payment memo field in QuickBooks Online
Unapplied Vendor Credits 1-way from Cashflow360
Partially or Fully Applied Vendor Credits 1-way from Cashflow360
(Vendor credit application, that partially pays a bill, will not sync until the bill is paid in full)
Voids 1-way from Cashflow360
Bill attachments NA

Customers/Sub-customers 2-way
Items 2-way
Unpaid Invoices 2-way
- Deleted invoices do not sync from QuickBooks Online to Cashflow360
Partially or Fully Paid Invoices 1-way from Cashflow360
Sales Tax 1-way to Cashflow360
AR Payments 1-way from Cashflow360
Unapplied Credit Memos 2-way
Partially or Fully applied Credit Memos 1-way from BILL (Credit memo application, that partially pays an invoice, won't sync until the invoice is paid in full)
Voids 1-way from Cashflow360

Auto Sync Yes
Books Closed Date 1-way to Cashflow360

*Option for 1-way sync also available (See Resources below)