Disconnect a vendor's ePayment connection

Disconnecting a vendor will sever the connection between their account and yours, and remove their Payment Network ID (PNI) from the vendor profile. You'll no longer be able to send notes to the vendor within the account, or send ePayments unless a new connection is made or bank information is manually added.

You must have the Manage vendor and Manage network permissions to disconnect a vendor.

Tip: If there are pending or scheduled payments for a vendor, you won't be able to disconnect from the vendor. The payments must clear, or you can cancel or void the payments if available.

Disconnect a vendor's ePayment connection

  1. Select Vendors in the navigation menu
  2. Select the vendor name to disconnect
  3. Select More Actions
  4. Select Disconnect
  5. On the confirmation pop up, select Disconnect

The vendor will be switched back to paper check payments, and you can change them back to ePayments by inviting them again, or adding new bank info for them.