Receivables via the Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is where your customers can view and pay bills from you. The Portal is ideal for customers who are individuals and/or consumers.

If your customer is a business, they'll love our free Basic Payables accounts, which offers them a wider range of features to suit the needs of a business.

Customer Portal Features

Your Logo

  • Upload your logo in your Cashflow360 account. We will display it in your Customer's Portal, so your customer sees consistent branding, and can feel secure making payments to you.

Custom URL

  • Customize a URL for your Portal that contains your company name

Share Documents

  • When you attach a document from your Inbox to an invoice, you will have an option to share it with your customer

Fast and Easy Communication

  • Easily stay in touch with your customer by leaving them a note, and receive notes from them in return

Flexible Payment Methods and Auto Pay

  • Allow your customers to pay you via ACH and enable Auto Pay so they can set it and forget it!