Cancel Cashflow360 to enroll in BILL

If you're canceling a Cashflow360 account to enroll in BILL, here are some recommended steps to follow before canceling the Cashflow360 account.

Collect Payment Network ID's (PNI) for vendors' setup for ePayments via the Network

For vendors that you've invited to connect via the BILL Network to pay electronically, collect Payment Network ID's (PNI) for these vendors. PNI's can be found on each vendor's record.

  • You'll need to connect these vendors again manually from within the new account. Entering the PNI on their new vendor record in the new BILL account will ensure reconnecting to the same account your vendor has created.
    • The Payment Network ID is not available on vendor export, you'll need to gather them manually
      PNI on vendor record
  • If you manually added bank account details for any vendors, they will need to be entered again in the new BILL account
    • For security purposes, this information will not be displayed in the Cashflow360 account

Retrieve historical data

If you're not using an accounting software that directly integrates with Cashflow360, export any historical data needed via .csv files

  • Note: Historical data is for your records only, not to be imported into the new BILL account

Check for payments that have not cleared yet

Check for in-flight payments in the Cashflow360 account from the outgoing and incoming payments screens

  • Accounts cannot be cancelled if there are still payments in flight
    • Outgoing
      • Scheduled payments
        • Cancel scheduled payments or
        • Wait for payment to process and clear
      • Uncashed, Returned or Failed payments
        • Void any payments that have not cleared yet or
        • Wait for payments to clear
      • Pending Void and remit credits
        • Wait for void credits to clear
      • Failed Void and remit credits
        • Contact Customer Support to have the credit redirected to a different bank account
          • To contact Customer Support, log into the account, visit the Support Center and select Contact Us
    • Incoming
      • Make sure payments have a Payment Date (the date your customer's payment is deposited into your bank account) prior to the current date
  • Once there are no in flight payments, you can cancel the Cashflow360 account

Deactivate collaborator users

Deactivate any collaborator users that you have added to the Cashflow360 account.

Perform one last sync

Perform one last sync to make sure both Cashflow360 and your accounting system are up-to-date

  • QuickBooks Desktop: Select Sync on the BILL Sync Dashboard
  • QuickBooks Online, Xero, NetSuite and Intacct: Select Sync Now from the Settings page

Cancel steps for a Cashflow360 account

To cancel the Cashflow360 account, the Chase online banking System Administrator will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to Chase online banking
  2. Select Account Management
  3. Select Profile & Settings
  4. Select Chase Cashflow360
  5. Select Unenroll

Unenroll Cashflow360

Once the account is inactivated the Security Administrator will receive an automated cancel confirmation email.

Enroll in BILL

You can now enroll in BILL from

If you're using an accounting software that directly integrates with BILL, information will sync over from the accounting software into the new BILL account.

If you're not using an accounting software that integrates directly, import data using .csv files.