To Do List

Your To Do list gives you an at a glance view of any items needing attention, as well as any tasks available to complete.

Understanding your account - To do list icon - Cashflow360

Your To Do list is separated into 2 sections:

Needs Attention

Some examples of items needing attention are:

  • Review uncashed checks older than 20 days
  • Records to fix if a user who is listed as an approver on bills is deleted
  • Fix sync errors
  • Fix denied bills
  • Fix Bill approval policy violations
  • Fix vendor credit policy exceptions


Some examples of tasks are:

  • Process inbox documents
  • Pay overdue bills
  • Pay ready to be paid bills
  • Pay bills due in 7 days
  • Confirm X electronic vendors
  • Approve bills
  • Approve Payments
  • Track invoices (AR) overdue
  • Invoice(s) overdue
  • Track invoices due in 7 days
  • Invoice(s) due in the next 7 days
  • Set up accounting preferences
  • Network Invites
  • Invite(s) awaiting your response

Understanding your account - To do list detail - Cashflow360

Email notifications

We send you To do list email notifications to let you know there are some things you need to take care of in your account. Notifications are started at 2 am Pacific Time, and it takes a few hours to process all the daily email notifications that are sent each day. The email notification processing typically completes by 5 am Pacific Time.

The timing of email notification distribution may be impacted by your email service.

Things to know

  • Control the frequency of your To Do list emails, or turn them off completely, by setting your email preferences and notifications
  • You can set your To Do list to be expanded by default when you login, or be hidden unless you select the icon
    • Select X to close the to do list manually
  • The specific tasks on the To Do list will depend upon the roles and permissions of each user