Mark Invoices as Printed

In some cases, you may opt to print and send invoices outside of Cashflow360. For these times, you can mark the invoices as printed in Cashflow360, and remove them from the queue to be sent.

Mark as printed

  1. Select Invoices in the navigation menu
  2. Select Filter
  3. Under send status, select Send Later - US Mail and select Apply
  4. Select the invoices you want to mark as printed
  5. Select Mark as printed

Things to know

  • Only invoices in the Send Later - US Mail view can be marked as printed
  • The invoices will then be removed from the 'Send later- Us mail' queue
  • The last sent on date will update to the day they were marked as printed
  • The status of the invoices will be updated to sent on the Invoices page and Customer Details page