Print a Check in the Accounting System

Use Cashflow360℠ to keep track of all bill payments, even the ones not paid using Cashflow360! If you'd prefer to print a check in your accounting system, you can enter that payment in Cashflow360 and it'll sync to your accounting system for printing, saving you the need to enter in two places manually.

Note: This feature isn't available for accounts syncing with Xero

  1. Select Bills in the navigation menu
  2. Select the invoice number to print a check for
    • Check the box for several invoice numbers to print checks in bulk
  3. Select Print checks
  4. Enter payment details
    • Chart of Account is required
      • Select a Bank or Credit Card type account
    • Select the Calendar Icon to change the Process Date, which defaults to the next business day
  5. Select Print Check

Important Things to Note:

If combined payments are enabled:

  • If syncing with accounting software, we sync one payment for each bill (even if it is a combined payment for multiple bills). This applies to offline payments as well.

  • The entire combined payment will attempt to sync to the accounting software for all bills paid together for the same vendor, even if the sync check box is unchecked for one or more.

  • The sync check box must be unchecked for all bills paid for the same vendor in order for the payment not to sync

  • The Ref # entered for each bill payment in Cashflow360 will sync to the accounting software as a combined sequential list, starting with the lowest invoice number, up to the max characters of the field (varies by accounting software).

    Example: Invoices 1111, 1112, 1113 are all marked as paid in a combined payment in Cashflow360, with reference numbers 0123, 4567, 8910 respectively. The payment will sync to the accounting software with the combined Ref# 0123, 4567, 8910