Details of an ePayment

When we send an ePayment to a vendor, we also send an update to their bank statement regarding the deposit, called a header.

Header Records

The header on the vendor's bank statement tells them where the deposit came from, and what it is for.

The headers display different info based on whether the vendor is a standard ePayment vendor, or a verified national vendor in our Network.

Standard ePayment vendor

Standard ePayment vendors are vendors you connected to through the Network, one you sent an invitation to, or one you manually entered bank account information for. We send the following information to the vendor's bank for their bank statement header:

  • < Business name the payment is sent from > via Cashflow360
  • Invoice number being paid with the payment
    • If multiple invoices are paid with one payment, invoice # will not show, instead it will say Multiple
  • Amount paid
  • Reference ID (this is the ACH Confirmation Number)

Note: What is displayed on bank statements is dependant on what the receiving bank chooses to display.

Verified national vendor

Verified national vendor can include water, power, cable, phone, electric, and other well-known companies, which you connect to through the Network. Their headers show the following:

  • Business name the payment is sent from
  • Account number of the vendor
  • Amount paid
  • Trace number (identifies each entry within a batch in an ACH input file)
  • Email Notifications