Manage Payables preferences

There are a number of Payables preferences that you can use to customize your Cashflow360℠ experience and streamline your workflow. Please see the resource articles at the bottom of this page for in-depth info on each setting.

Manage Payables preferences

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Preferences under Payables
  3. Make desired changes
  4. Select Save

Lead Time

  • This setting refers to the number of days before a bill is due that payments are scheduled to be processed. We recommend at least 8 days before the bill's due date, to allow for mail and processing time.

Combine Payments

  • By default, we'll combine payments to the same vendor with the same Process Date, scheduled at the same time, unless you change this setting.
  • This setting allows you to combine or separate payments for multiple bills to the same vendor. We will combine checks or ePayments if the payments have the same Process Date, the same arrives-by date, the same Pay From account, and you schedule them all to be paid at the same time from the Pay screen.