Sync disconnected after user is deleted

If you find your sync is unexpectedly disconnected, it may be because you've inactivated the user who originally connected the sync.

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Why was my sync disconnected?

Cashflow360℠ will disconnect your sync if the user who originally set it up is deactivated, to protect your account information. An active user with sync permissions will need to reconnect the sync.

How can I tell if this is why my sync is disconnected?

If we disconnected your sync because user who originally set it up is deactivated, you will see the disconnected status and a prompt to setup the sync under the sync icon.

sync not connected setup prompt under sync icon

You can also check the sync audit trail.

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select Profile under Your Company.
  3. Hover over Details and select Sync Audit Trail.

You'll see a record that looks like this if we disconnected due to the sync user being deactivated:

sync disconnected due to inactive user audit trail

How do I know if I am deactivating the sync user?

When you look at a user's profile, if they are the user who connected the sync, you'll see a banner letting you know the sync will be disconnected if you deactivate that user

Sync user deactivate warning banner

Where can I see deactivated users?

You can view deactivated users and check their audit trail to see when they were deactivated.

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select Users under Permissions.
  3. Select Refresh list to include inactive Users at the bottom of the page. Active status shows under the ACTIVE? column.
  4. Select a user's name, hover over Details and select Audit Trail to view the audit trail for a user.

How do I reconnect the sync?

The process to reconnect your sync depends on your accounting software. Please select the article for your sync software under the Resources section at the bottom of this article for steps to reconnect.

Will I lose any data?

You will not lose any data from the time when the sync was disconnected. Once you reconnect, any list items and transactions will sync as normal, based on the usual sync direction of your accounting software. Do not manually enter transactions or list items in both your accounting software and Cashflow360 as this may cause duplication and sync errors.