Oracle NetSuite: Receivables invoice payments

Payments from Oracle NetSuite to Cashflow360

Invoice Payments do not sync to Cashflow360 from Oracle NetSuite. It is best practice to always enter payments in Cashflow360 and allow them to sync to Oracle NetSuite, even if you made the payment outside of Cashflow360.

  • If your customer pays an invoice outside of Cashflow360, mark the invoice as paid in Cashflow360 and allow that payment to sync into Oracle NetSuite. Recording the payment in Oracle NetSuite first will cause sync errors.

Payments from Cashflow360 to Oracle NetSuite

Cashflow360 does not support departments, locations, and/or classes on invoice payments.

  • When invoice payments sync from Cashflow360 to Oracle NetSuite, the payment record uses the classification that is set as the Default Receivables classification in Preferences within Oracle NetSuite
  • To make it easier to reclassify these records as needed, create a department, location, and/or class called Unclassified, Uncoded or something similar, and set that as the Default Receivables classification. This will allow you to run a report in Oracle NetSuite in order to isolate the invoice payments that need to be reclassified.