Vendor Bank Info Dual Control: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Vendor Bank Info Dual Control provides extra security and control by requiring 2 people to approve new or changed vendor bank information. When Dual Control is enabled, a single user can add the vendor's bank info, but a second user is required to approve it.

If you don't see this feature in your account, an Administrator user can contact Customer Support to request to enable the feature!

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Why do I need Dual Control?

Dual Control separates duties but keeps control because a single user can’t perform conflicting tasks. Requiring 2 people creates a system of checks and balances, and helps reduce the possibility of fraud.

Key benefits of Dual Control:

  • Keeps control while ensuring key actions are protected through an additional approval.
  • Reduces the risk of fraud by requiring 2 users to complete an action.
  • Decreases errors by requiring a second user to review actions before they’re submitted.

How do I know if my account is eligible for Dual Control?

Dual Control is available to our customers who sync with Sage Intacct, Oracle Netsuite, or Quickbooks Enterprise.

Is there a charge for this feature?

There’s no added fee for Dual Control.

How do I enable this feature?

Administrators can enable the feature by following these steps:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Dual Control under Permissions
  3. Select Get Started

If you don't see the Dual Control link on your Settings page, an Administrator user can contact Customer Support to request to enable the feature.

What actions are covered by Dual Control?

  • Adding or changing vendor bank accounts

How many approvers are required for each action?

Each action requires 2 assigned approvers. Assigned approvers cannot be collaborators, they must be Administrators or Authorized users.

Does selecting specific approvers or all approvers mean that approval is required by everyone?

While all approvers on the list are notified, only 1 person needs to approve the request to complete the action. Assigning multiple approvers only provides additional options.

How are approvers notified?

Approvers on the list are notified via emails and in-app alerts sent to their to-do list.

How do I respond to these notifications?

If you’re responding to the email, simply choose the link in the email. You'll go to the Cashflow360 page with the details about the request, who requested it, and any other information. You can either approve or decline the action. You can also share additional notes.

What happens when I approve a request?

If you’re the first person to approve the request, the action will be approved and confirmed, and both the initiator and other approvers will be notified.

What happens if I deny an action?

Similarly, if you deny the request, you can ask questions and tag the requestor for answers, and the requestor and other approvers will be notified.

Can I resubmit the request if it's been denied?

Yes, there’s no limit to the number of times a request can be resubmitted after being denied.

Do requests expire?

No, the request will be active until it’s approved.

Can I disable Dual Control?

Contact Customer Support to disable it.