Xero sync error: The Account Number already exists. Please enter a different Account Number.

Why the sync error occurs

This error occurs when:

  • Chart of Account: the account number on a new chart of account can't sync to Xero because the account number is already in use in Xero
  • Vendor/Customer account number: the account number on a vendor or customer already exists on a contact in Xero

How to fix the sync error

For chart of accounts:

  • If this isn't a duplicate account, edit the account number to one that isn't already in use within Xero then sync again
  • If this is a duplicate account, delete the account or contact Customer Support to help with merging the two accounts

For contacts (customers or vendors):

If the error is on a contact that hasn't synced to Xero yet:

  1. Remove the account number from the vendor/customer record

  2. Sync to create the contact in Xero

  3. Add the account number back to the vendor/customer

  4. Sync

    If the error reappears, contact Customer Support to clear the error.

If the error is an update on a contact that has already synced to Xero in the past, contact Customer Support to clear the error.