Authorized User payment approval policies

Authorized user payment approval policies allow for more specific controls. This feature makes it possible to use payment approvals without needing to turn on Dual Control.

These policies can be viewed within Cashflow360 but can only be created or edited within Chase online banking.

View approval policies

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Payment Approvals under Payables

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Auth user payment approval policies

Things to know

  • These policies have an either/or scenario
  • Each policy applies to one Authorized user and one bank account only
  • Policies can be dictated by payment amount (unlike Dual Controls which require approvals on any payment amount)
  • Authorized users still need to be provisioned bank accounts and enabled for payment approvals the same way as Dual Control
  • The user who schedules the payment cannot be the same user that approves the payment
  • If Dual Control isn't on, provisioned authorized user approval policies will be active
    • If < authorized-user A > makes payment < greater than > < $1000 > from < bank account 1 > then the payment will need to be approved by < any one approver > from a < list of approvers > who have the ability to approve payments against that specific bank account
  • If Dual control is on, authorized user approval policies will be inactive